APEX has a region type called Regional Display Selector (lets call it RDS). An RDS can be used to filter HTML regions on a page. It's kind of like using a set of tabs, but with the advantage of a 'Show All' option to unhide all regions.

RDS Wizard

A region can be added to the RDS by setting 'Region Display Selector' to 'Yes' in properties. The region's title will be used to identify it in the RDS.

The guys I am working with wanted a way to set a short alternative name instead of the default region title. Why? Because the RDS looks cluttered with lots of long region names, especially if the RDS wraps onto multiple lines.

Since there is no way to achieve custom names for RDS elements via the APEX Framework and the RDS is really just an easily identifiable ul element with a CSS class of apex-rds, I wrote some JavaScript to take care of things.

$(document).ready( function() {    
    //Iterate over each anchor tag in the RDS
    $('ul.apex-rds>li>a').each( function( index, element ) {

        //Href of each entry maps to unique region ID
        var regionId = $(element).attr('href');

        //Short name is stored as an attribute on the region
        var shortName = $(regionId).data('rdsName');

        //Set the short name back onto the RDS element  

With this code present in the application level JavaScript, setting a data-rds-name attribute on a region in any page is all that is required to achieve custom RDS names.

RDS Attributes

Test Page - Custom RDS Names

RDS Test Page