You can run utPLSQL unit tests from Sublime via a custom build system. A simple keyboard shortcut can be used to run the tests for the current file and output can be viewed in the Sublime console.

Here is how it's done.

Firstly, the build system. In case you are mislead by the name, the $file Sublime variable actually stores the full file path.

   "cmd": [

And now the run_test.sql file. The REPLACE allows the tests to be triggered from the UT file as well as from the file under test.

set define ^
set serveroutput on
   v_file_name VARCHAR2(100);
   v_file_name := '^1';
   v_file_name := REPLACE(UPPER(v_file_name), 'UT_');

Want to get started with PL/SQL unit testing? Check out the utPLSQL page.