It's been a while. I've spent the last year or so working with a different technical stack. JavaScript, PHP and MySQL (and associated frameworks).

I've worked with these technologies before (although traditionally an Oracle guy), but this time around I've spent much more time working with JavaScript and it's been fun.

I've particularly enjoyed exploring some of the new ES6 features including JavaScript array functions that make working with collections much easier (i.e. no for-loops) and I love the brevity of arrow functions.

Here are 3 methods I've found really useful.

Applies a filter function to each element of an array and returns a new array.

var arrayToMap = [1,2,3]; => (e + 100));

// Returns [101, 102, 103];

Array.find() (ES6)

Searches array and returns the element that meets the criteria.

var peopleArray = [{name: 'Jeff'}, {name: 'Dave'}, {name: 'Sue'}];

// Can just chain property assignment onto returned element.
peopleArray((e) => ( === 'Sue')).name = 'Susan';

// peopleArray now contains [{name: 'Jeff'}, {name: 'Dave'}, {name: 'Susan'}];

for of (ES6)

Not an array method as such, but a language construct for array iteration that can be used in place of a traditional for loop (or in place of the Array.forEach method that required a function definition).

myArray = ['a','b','c'];

for (var value of myArray) {

// Outputs 'a', 'b', 'c'

Hard to believe this one was only introduced in ES6, but there you go!